In June 2020, the French Tech Emergence grant was awarded to Aniah. The French Tech Emergence grant is aimed at supporting Deeptech start-ups. BPI France evaluated Aniah’s technology and value proposition and concluded that Aniah, as a company, has strong growth potential.

Deeptech refers to startups offering revolutionary innovation. These companies are expected to disrupt the market they address. Aniah will introduce a new approach to the electrical verification of integrated circuits that will allow all semiconductor players to get rid of electrical errors from the first spin of silicon.

In addition to financial support, the French Tech Emergence grant enables the laureate to benefit from the support of BPI France and its partners to refine the project and business proposal. For a young startup, such support in terms of expertise is a great boost to strengthen the company and accelerate its growth.

Aniah’s team is delighted and honored that our project has been recognized by BPI France as a game-changing innovation. On behalf of the whole team at Aniah, we would like to thank BPI France.

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